WWII Torsos & Legs are Back in Stock!

29th Oct 2018

WWII Minifig Restock!

Christmas has come a little early at BrickWarriors (don't worry, we'll still be dropping loads of Christmas goods too)! Back by popular demand are nine of our most popular World War II Custom LEGO Minifigure torsos and legs. Get your hands on them while we still have them and create an army that would make Churchill proud. Included in the restock are:

- German Officer Torso

- German Rifleman Torso

- Japanese Infantry Torso

- US Officer Torso

- US Pilot Torso

- French Infantry Torso

- US Infantry Legs

- German Infantry Legs

- British Infantry Legs

Get the WWII Torsos & Legs Here

WARNING - Choking Hazard, Small Pieces. Not for children under 3.