WWII Torsos & Legs are Back in Stock!

29th Oct 2018

Christmas has come a little early at BrickWarriors (don't worry, we'll still be dropping loads of Christmas goods too)! Back by popular demand are nine of our most popular World War II Custom LEGO Min … read more

#MinifigureMonday - Mortar Man Torso Restocked!

6th Aug 2018

Only the manliest men can qualify for the role of "Mortar Man." Why? It's not because these men must stand on the front lines. It's not because they lift mortars all day long (they're actually surpris … read more

10% Off ALL Limited Edition LEGO Minifigures

30th Jul 2018

Orcs, Rangers, and Soldiers. Oh my! The clock is ticking down to August 1st, and so is this once in a lifetime sale. Take 10% off all of our Custom Printed, Limited Edition LEGO Minifigures. Just … read more

#MinifigureMonday - US Infantry Torso Restocked‼️

23rd Jul 2018

ATTENTION! Standard Issue United States Army Infantry torsos are officially BACK. IN. STOCK. These custom printed LEGO torsos are ideal for forming the backbone of the American Allied Forces. General … read more

#MinifigureMonday - Get the Limited Edition Evil Wizard

16th Jul 2018

What does this wizard keep up his sleeve? Many a sorcerer's secret, indeed.Includes:-Custom Printed LEGO® Head-Custom Printed LEGO® Torso-Custom Printed LEGO® Arms and Hands-Custom Printed LEGO® Legs- … read more
WARNING - Choking Hazard, Small Pieces. Not for children under 3.