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Custom LEGO Weapon of the Week - Pilum

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The custom LEGO weapon of the week is...the Pilum! Pilum was the Roman term for javelin. Oh those Romans, they just always had to be different! Although, technically speaking, the word "pilum" predated "javelin" which maybe, kinda, probably originated from a Celtic language. So there's your etymology lesson of the day. Now back to the weapon! The Pilum was used by the Roman army as a throwing tool. While it may seem primitive, the Pilum was actually thoughtfully designed for battle.The head of the weapon was pyramidal in shape and hard enough to penetrate, or at least damage, a shield or armor. The shaft, however was made of softer iron that would break easily upon being thrown. As a result, the enemy could not utilize the Pilum, once it had been used. Pretty cool, huh? Our version isn't quite as tactical, but it does come in a bunch of colors, which obviously makes it better than the original Roman ones. 

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LEGO MOC of the Week - Knights in the Woods by Little Carpet Wars

Intimidating? Adorable? Both? Both. This legion of knights looks ready for a fight. With Arming Swords drawn and Viking and Kite shields at the ready, they are clearly well prepared to lead the charge. That being said, if I encountered this roving gang of little yellow men, I’d probably be more likely to squeal than scream. But perhaps that [...]

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Custom LEGO Gun Highlight - Silent Death Sniper

Take cover! This custom LEGO gun, the Silent Death Sniper, has two unfair advantages: range and silence. Picture this: you and a comrade are roaming the hills when suddenly your buddy's head explodes in a flash of brains and bone fragments. Your first reaction is probably, "Gross!" Second reaction: "Where the heck did that shot come [...]

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LEGO Gun of the Week - Colt M1911 by Pink Stormtrooper

This ain’t your grandfather’s 1911! The M1911 pistol came about at the end of the 19th century and quickly became a favorite semi for decades to come. Designed by John Browning, this handgun changed the gun scene from revolvers to self-loaders and quickly became the standard-issue sidearm for the United States Armed Forces until the late 80s. Flickr user Pink Stormtrooper [...]

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Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week - Imperial Knight by Steve Cady

There's nothing quite like a Knight on horseback with a Lance in hand. To me, it epitomizes medieval times filled with jousting, warring nations, and general chaos that's all led to where we are in current times. Today, Steve Cady (cpl_trim on Flickr) brings us this incredibly detailed, painted Imperial Knight. Steve gave our Jousting Helmet and Plate Armor a [...]

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Through the LEGO Lens - March 20, 1945

On this day, 72 years ago...The city of Mandalay, Burma was under control of the Japanese, who had captured the it in 1942. The British set their sights on this important supply route and cultural center. William Slim’s British 14th army first secured the bridgeheads across the Chindwin River. Slim then [...]

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Custom LEGO Accessory Spotlight - Binoculars

Trouble spotted! With these Binoculars, you can spot danger on the horizon and prepare your defenses. The versatility of this piece is what makes it great: it has usage across a wide variety of themes, from Pirates, Safari all the way to the Military you see pictured. Okay, so Pirates may not have a Mortar Tube to put their far [...]

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Pearl Gold Spartan Helmets, Muscled Cuirass and More Restocked!

Your ancient armies are getting a boost this weekend. Your Spartans will be able to equip Pearl Gold Spartan Helmets and Muscled Cuirasses again with this week’s restock, and Philistines can do the same with Pearl Gold Lobster Armor and Philistine Helmets. Black Scimitars, Green Grapes, and Brown Slings are also back! Spartan HelmetMuscled CuirassPhilistine HelmetLobster ArmorGrapesScimitarSlingGet the Pearl Gold [...]

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Custom LEGO Weapon of the Week - Pugio

It's 11 o'clock, do you know where your minifigures are? Hopefully they're tucked into their, um, plastic bins...or wherever your minifigs rest their little plastic heads. If they're actually roaming the rough streets, they better be equipped with the right kind of weapon. Of course we're talking about the Pugio! Small, pointy, and available in a [...]

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LEGO MOC OF THE WEEK - Dungeons & Dragons by Spencer Stone

Calling all Dungeon Masters! This MOC was made for YOU! Disclaimer: I know nothing about Dungeons and Dragons, so work with me here. What I do know is BrickWarriors offers a ton of custom LEGO accessories that work perfectly for outfitting your D&D minifigs. Just check out Flickr user Spencer Stone’s impressive lineup of characters ready for play; [...]

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