Custom LEGO Garrison Cap Revealed!

8th May 2018

German forces have received orders to cross enemy lines. Hans, Erik, and Johann dress quickly, being sure to cover their heads with their Garrison caps. After taking up arms, they march forward into u … read more

Custom LEGO German Tanker Torso Revealed!

7th May 2018

The year is 1943. Winter is still lingering, heavy in the air, but the ground is free of snow. Erich von Manstein has gathered his men in secret quarters where he prepares them to launch an offensive … read more

Custom LEGO Armor Spotlight - Japanese Suspenders

Posted by Merrie on 30th Apr 2018

Emperor Hirohito's army could not be complete without the proper armor and weaponry, beginning with Japanese Suspenders. These bandolier-style braces have a unique slouch-look and feature two pockets … read more

Custom LEGO Gun Highlight - US Air Cooled MG

Posted by Merrie on 25th Apr 2018

Only big guns get big names, and this machine gun is capable of serious destruction. The US Air Cooled MG is an absolute necessity for United States armies if they wish to take down Axis forces. Take … read more
WARNING - Choking Hazard, Small Pieces. Not for children under 3.