Custom LEGO MOC of the Week - No Sympathy for Zombies

Posted by Merrie on 6th Sep 2018

We'd normally feel sorry for a poor bloke in this position, but there's not much sympathy to be had for a Nazi, let alone a Zombie Nazi. He is clearly regretting his terrible choices as his own have n … read more

Custom LEGO Gun Highlight - US Rifle

Posted by Merrie on 13th Jun 2018

Standard is as standard does, and this standard issue LEGO rifle is about as standard as it gets. Inspired by a number of the most commonly used rifles during World War II, this week's Custom LEGO Gun … read more

Custom LEGO Helmet Spotlight - German Gas Mask

Posted by Merrie on 4th Jun 2018

Whether your minifigures are planning to invade Poland, storm the rebel alliance, or fortify the Western Front, this custom LEGO┬« helmet is the one to use. The sleek design and attention to detail of … read more

Custom LEGO Gun Highlight - Japanese HMG

Posted by Merrie on 16th May 2018

The Japanese HMG is a serious gun for a serious warrior! So mighty, in fact, it requires a Tripod to work its destruction. One happy customer enjoyed this custom LEGO gun just as much as we do: "It's … read more

Custom LEGO Panzerfaust Revealed!

9th May 2018

Enemy fire is approaching and Hans is terrified. Fortunately Erik remains calm as he prepares his panzerfaust to take down the incoming Soviet tanks. This German weapon should ensure a solid victory f … read more
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