Peter the Great

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Limited Edition
Custom LEGO® Minifigure - Peter the Great

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Peter the Great helped expand Russia and founded the city of St. Petersburg.  Really he was pretty great, which makes sense because "Great" was part of his actual birth name.  It's like Napoleon Bonaparte cooking a Napoleon for the dessert course on Chopped.  It just makes sense.

-Custom Printed LEGO® Head
-Custom Printed LEGO® Torso, Arms, and Hands
-Custom Printed LEGO® Legs
-Custom Back Printing (torso and legs)
-Black Tricorn
-Steel Buckler
-Steel Cavalry Saber
-First Edition 2018 Collector Card

Note: VERY limited quantities of these were produced. Once we run out, they're gone forever.

WARNING - Choking Hazard, Small Pieces. Not for children under 3.