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  • Minifigure Armor - Horned Plate Armor
  • Minifigure Armor - Horned Plate Armor
  • Custom LEGO® Armor - Horned Plate Armor
  • Custom LEGO® Armor - Horned Plate Armor

Horned Plate Armor

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Product Description

Made from thick leather, the horned plate armor provides great protection from all sorts of medieval weapons while still allowing a wide range of movements.

Some particularly sinister minifigs have been known to coat the horns in poison before going into battle!


Frequently Restocked:  Black, Steel, Brown

Product Reviews

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  1. Great for Orcs!

    Posted by Brick Utopia on 9th Jun 2016

    This armor is great for beefing up my orc infantry, and has a great look and feel to it. It's a little short on the torso, but evil forces typically have to scavenge for armor and so that doesn't present much of an issue. I definitely recommend this product!

  2. Evil!

    Posted by ErioL on 11th May 2016

    Cool design, a bit short on the belly. It gives me the sensation that the minifigure is wearing a shirt of a smaller size but this is fixable with the right design and colour on the minifigure's torso.

  3. Great piece of work!!

    Posted by GL on 12th Dec 2015

    Awesome detail on the armor. Works great with almost every helmet. It fits perfectly and snug on my mini-figures and doesn't hinder its mobility at all.
    The only qualm I have for the sake of an honest and unbiased review is that the armor will get in the way of your mini-fig sitting properly on a saddle on a horse. Remove the saddle (or wait for a Brickwarriors saddle that'll do its job *hint, hint*) and problem solved.

  4. Wicked

    Posted by Anjrew on 4th Dec 2015

    By far my favorite armor. The attention to detail is excellent, as well as overall minifigure mobility. The shoulder spikes even give a nice lift to traditional Lego capes. Would like to see it in dark red or purple, one of these days...

  5. Amazing!

    Posted by Nagol on 23rd Oct 2015

    Want to deck-out your orcs? Have an evil knight that could use an upgrade? Well this is the armor for you! Restricting little movement, a minifigure can point their arm straight forward with this armor on. It comes to a point just above the legs on the front and back. The spikes on the shoulders are a real plus. Great job Brick Warriors!

  6. Best Minifig Armor!

    Posted by Nazfool on 21st Jul 2015

    This is my favorite armor for minifigs.
    I use it for space marines, orc generals, bikers, necromancers, and steampunk pirates. I always add (at least!) one to my orders.

  7. Awesome armor.

    Posted by Nilbog on 13th Aug 2014

    This armor goes well with the ranger helm or the assassin mask.

WARNING: Choking Hazard