Hoplomachus Warrior

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Special Edition - Ancient Week
Custom LEGO® Minifigure - Ancient Muscled Cuirass - Hoplomachus Warrior

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Did someone say NEW unreleased pieces and minifig? Yup! It's the first day of Ancient Week! And that means a new special edition Custom LEGO® Minifigure has just been released! And you guessed it, the Hoplomachus Warrior includes multiple unreleased pieces! 

This is our normal Custom Printed Minifigure Release, now improved with additional BrickWarriors Custom LEGO® Accessories to complete the arena battle scene! This Hoplomachus Warrior has one mission, to kill anyone or anything that steps in the arena with him. Fight to the death, means you lay everything on the line. Given his reputation, his opponents are always saying their goodbyes and praying to the heavens leading up to the fight. With his deadly Sica (unreleased!) and Sarissa Spear in hand, you better hope you never seen this Hoplomachus Warrior as your enemy.

Hoplomachus Warrior Pack Includes:

  • 1 Minifigure 
    • LEGO® Head
    • Custom Printed LEGO® Torso, Arms, and Hands
    • Custom Printed LEGO® Legs
    • Custom Back Printing (torso and legs)
  • 17 Accessories 
    • 2 Sica (unreleased!) - Black & Steel
    • 2 Hoplomachus Helmet (unreleased!) - Black & Steel
    • 2 Sarissa Spear - Black & Steel
    • 2 Trojan Shield - Black & Steel
    • 2 Muscled Cuirass - Black & Steel
    • 2 Xiphos - Black & Steel
    • 2 Celestial Crown - Black & Steel
    • 2 Roman Plumes - Dark Red & Dark Red
    • 1 Training Dummy - Black

Note: VERY limited quantities of these were produced. Once we run out, they're gone forever.



WARNING - Choking Hazard, Small Pieces. Not for children under 3.