Half Orc Fighter

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Custom LEGO® Minifigure - Half Orc Fighter

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The Half Orc Fighter was born half human and half orc. His entire life he longed to be the bravest knight in history. With his Orc Tower Shield and Paladin Sword in hand, he was off to win his title! All the other Paladins better beware, this minifigure was coming for them!

-Custom Printed LEGO® Head
-Custom Printed LEGO® Torso, Arms, and Hands
-Custom Printed LEGO® Legs
-Custom Back Printing (torso and legs)

-Orc Tower Shield - Steel

-Mohawk - Dark Red

-Paladin Sword - Steel

Note: VERY limited quantities of these were produced. Once we run out, they're gone forever.





WARNING - Choking Hazard, Small Pieces. Not for children under 3.