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  • Minifigure Armor - Demon Armor
  • Minifigure Armor - Demon Armor
  • Custom LEGO® Armor - Demon Armor
  • Custom LEGO® Armor - Demon Armor
  • Custom LEGO® Armor - Demon Armor
  • Custom LEGO® Armor - Demon Armor
  • Custom LEGO® Armor - Demon Armor
  • Custom LEGO® Armor - Demon Armor

Demon Armor

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Product Description

The demon armor consists of a large breast and back plate secured to a massive left pauldron, with some scale-mail hanging down for a little added protection.

There are also clips on the back that can be used to attach our dragon wings and a stud to attach our dragon tail.


Frequently Restocked:  Black, Steel, Pearl Gold

Product Reviews

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  1. unusual armor

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Jan 2017

    I love that the wings clip to the armor and are allowed to move.

  2. Super Cool, but a little wiggly

    Posted by Joshua Barclay on 12th Dec 2016

    I got the gold colored piece and it looks so amazing, but the piece sometimes wiggle from side to side which is kinda cool if you want a more dynamic poses but it's so cool if you don't want it to wiggle.

  3. Looks Awesome but not to functional

    Posted by Jeff on 4th Nov 2016

    With most minifigure armors they have a neck hole in the top of the armor so that the head piece can hold it tight to the body. When I received this piece I was surprised to see that it has no neck hole, instead it has a rectangular hole at the top and loosely sit on the figures shoulders, plugging the head on doesn't help hold it in place at all. After plugging the wings and the tail on to it the figure looks great as long as it's just on display. The slightest tap on the wing or the tail causes it to flop to one side or the other. Great armor piece just needs a little improvement. Not sure I'd buy another one until it has been improved.

  4. Great for so many types of warriors

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Jun 2016

    Very versatile armor type. With the clips on the back you can add a variety of wings, weapons, or other accessories.

  5. Amazing!

    Posted by Chris Stevens on 7th May 2016

    This is a really solid accessory, unlike anything that Lego ever made. I'm glad that someone had the foresight to create Demon armor for my minifigs.

  6. Great look but slides

    Posted by Cody Purviance on 12th Jan 2016

    I like the look of the asymmetrical shoulder. My only complaint is that it has no neck hole, so it is unstable, especially with wings.

  7. Very loose

    Posted by Bryan on 21st Dec 2015

    It makes the set up very well. However, I am not sure why there is no neck hole to keep it all in place. The armor just flops around on the figure. If they made an updated version with a neck hole it would be a 5 Star product for sure.

  8. Fantastic for mini-fig

    Posted by Michelle Black on 25th May 2015

    I love that the pauldron is built up on the one side, and not on the other. The asymmetry of the armor makes it more realistic. The only down side to this particular piece is that it is 'loose' on the chest of the minifig, unlike the Harpy armor which has a piece that fits around the peg neck and anchors the armor. Still, it's a fantastic piece for those wanting some winged figures in their collection.

  9. Goes with demon set perfect

    Posted by Brock Eckstein on 2nd Apr 2015

    Love this. It goes very well with the other demon set items. I do have a stability issue with it and getting it to stay in place. If you move the arm to far up on the shoulder pad side it pops off very easy. For me it's not a big issue but for my kids that are moving them a lot it is a small one. Overall a great product!

WARNING: Choking Hazard