Brute Armor

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Minifigure Armor - Brute Armor

The strongest minifigures in the land finally have a suitable piece of armor! The brute armor covers the wearer's head and torso in heavy metal plates. If that isn't enough, it also features 21 spikes across the shoulder and back area to help protect the wearer's blind spots.

If one of your minifigures has to face a brute in battle, my suggestion would be for them to run!


Frequently Restocked:  Black, Steel

Limited Edition:  Pearl Gold, Blue, Green, Dark Tan

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    I love this piece!!!

    Posted by M. Smith on 30th Jul 2019

    When I first bought this piece, I thought it looked kinda wonky, but when it came in the mail and I placed it on an ogre, I fell in love with it! It protects the head very well and is quite intimidating. A great asset to any evil arm! Love it!!!

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    Brute Armor for dwarf

    Posted by Minficationist on 12th May 2019

    I use it for the front dwarf (Iron Shield) in a vault warden team.

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    Bulkhead Armor

    Posted by George on 6th Oct 2018

    Got it from a sci-fi mystery pack and it is kinda weird but still pretty cool. At first i was not sure what to do with it but i had this knight so i put it on him and it looked pretty cool!

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    Show 'em you mean business.

    Posted by Christopher on 27th Sep 2015

    This quirky armor looks odd at first - and second - glance, but after I envisioned it on some hulking ogre bodyguards, it seemed perfectly threatening and stylish at the same time. Just strapping it onto a minifig gives it a more menacing, powerful look of no-nonsense butt-kicking potential. As noted by others, the shoulder guards do prevent the fig from lifting its arms high, but this is a minor quibble for such a unique piece.

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    Helmet and Armor Combined

    Posted by Peter on 27th Aug 2015

    First of all I need to say this thing have amazing design. The spikes on the back are just perfect. The top of the helmet looks beautiful as well, it's really nicely done. I personally think its a bit to short. It should be a bit taller as when you put it on it covers a bit eyes, specially the figs with wide one. And unfortunately all "beasts" have wide one. Also you can't move arms to high because of fixed shoulder pads.Also my minifigs head was stuck in side and it took a lot of afford to take it out. Putting round plate on top of the head can fix most of above problems :P

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    A Sharp Defense

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Jul 2015

    Your Minifig can look cool and be completely protected at the same time. If your Minifigure loses his weapon, have no fear because he can still charge into battle head first stabbing his foes along the way with his fully protected body armor.

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    When you need to rush at your enemy and little else.

    Posted by JH on 25th May 2015

    There is lots of great armors out there that allow you to look around, but looking around might distract you from bashing heads in front of you. Great for crazed orc warriors or post-apoc brutes.

    I had gotten three red ones through mystery packs, so I thought to myself "what could I possibly use these for?"
    But then it hit me, why not let them be boiled crab carapace armor to be worn by an underwater people?

    Now I have the coolest merfolk warriors ever.

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    Brute Armor

    Posted by Brad on 11th Jun 2014

    A very solid piece of armor for a great price! Only draw back is the shoulder plates prevent the minifig from raising its arms very high but this is common for most armor pieces.

WARNING - Choking Hazard, Small Pieces. Not for children under 3.