New Wizard Accessories Just Released!

20th Jul 2018

There once was a man who had a desireFor potions and spells and billowing fireHe set off to learn of the magical wayMany a year was spent until he was grayAlas his desire for magic was satisfiedHe was … read more

LEGO MOC of the Week - The Experiment

Posted by Merrie on 8th Feb 2018

Doctors aren't always good. These doctors are especially bad. And they want you want experiment on. The poor prisoner is no match for their sharp tools and the brute strength of the cloaked man tasked … read more

LEGO MOC of the Week - Rambo's Got Nothing on Alex by Krag

Posted by Merrie on 5th Oct 2017

That feeling when you're just trying to have a nice day at the beach and two thugs steal your treasure chest! The Plague Doctor Coat is intimidating, but it didn't appear to intimidate enough in this … read more

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