LEGO Gun of the Week - R-101C by Nick Brick

Posted by Merrie on 15th Aug 2017

Titanfall fans rejoice! This week's LEGO Gun is beautifully built, highly versatile R-101C by Flickr user Nick Brick (who is apparently becoming our favored source of awesome LEGO gun builds.) This fully automatic compact assault rifle fires 8.19mm copper-jacketed, tungsten rounds. From the TitanFan Wiki: extremely versatile and user-friendly, the R-101C Carbine is the workhorse assault rifle of the Frontier. The weapon is most effective at mid-range, but is still somewhat competitive at close and long ranges. Although the weapon has generous usability and adaptability to any combat scenario, it is inferior to Pilot weapons specifically built for close and long range combat. No Pilot weapon boasts better versatility than the R-101C Carbine, making it the perfect weapon for entry level Pilots and experienced alike. Thanks, once again for sharing the great work Nick Brick!

WARNING - Choking Hazard, Small Pieces. Not for children under 3.