LEGO Grenade of the week - Mk II Pineapple Grenade by Cole Edmonson

Posted by Merrie on 17th Oct 2017

The LEGO Gun of the Week is....a LEGO Grenade of the week! Take a look at the Mk II 'Pineapple' grenade by Flickr's Cole Edmonson. This weapon is a fragmentation-type anti-personnel hand grenade that dates back to the end of World War I. It was created as an improvement of the Mk I grenade and became the standard issue during WWII and the Vietnam War. It earned the moniker 'Pineapple' from its grooved appearance as the cast iron explosive was composed of 40 knobs in 5 rows of 8 columns (to be exact!) intended to improve tactile grip and throwing. The grenade was replaced in the 60s by the M26 frag grenade- a much smoother update.

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