Custom LEGO Weapon of the Week - Kanabo

Posted by Merrie on 5th Oct 2018

Today's Custom LEGO feature is no-nonsense; you're getting a history lesson! The Kanabo is a Japanese Samurai weapon commonly used in feudal Japan. The name literally translates to "wooden stick", and it looks like such! Not unlike a baseball bat in size and shape, this weapon sometimes featured wild variation in length. Kanabos were generally constructed of solid wood, and were dotted with spikes. Some Kanabos were made of metal; it's your call which sounds worse to be thwacked with! While the weapon's appearance is primitive, particularly in comparison to other Japanese weaponry, it actually required superior strength and accuracy to be used well. Do you have a favorite Samurai weapon? Think your minifig could pull this one off?

Custom LEGO Weapon of the Week

WARNING - Choking Hazard, Small Pieces. Not for children under 3.