Custom LEGO Minifig of the Week - The Overlord by NinjaWarrior1245

Posted by Merrie on 30th Oct 2018

With Halloween coming to an end, we present to you our final spooky feature of the month: The Overlord by Twitter user NinjaWarriors1245. For the uninitiated, the Overlord is from Ninjago. A blip of his story from states, "The Overlord is the creator of the Stone Army and the source of all Darkness in Ninjago. A sinister dark entity, he first appeared as a manifestation of Darkness itself that challenged the First Spinjitzu Master." This iteration of the Overlord is spectacularly built with Dragon Wings, Invader Helmets, and Crescent Horns. We don't know which is better, the minifig or the shot. Either way, we can't wait to see what NinjaWarrior1245 comes up with next!

Custom LEGO Minifig of the Week

WARNING - Choking Hazard, Small Pieces. Not for children under 3.