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Through the LEGO Lens - September 25, 1943

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On this day 74 years ago...

Smolensk, a city Southwest of Moscow was liberated by Soviet forces. Intended to clear Nazi occupation from the area, this battle, known as the second Battle of Smolensk was a Soviet-offensive operation conducted by the Red Army as part of the Summer-Autumn Campaign of 1943 in the Western USSR. Smolensk had been under German occupation since the first Battle of Smolensk in 1941. Soviets marched steadily across Ukraine, forcing the retreat of German troops westward and their first major victory came on August 22, when the Red Army retook the city of Kharkov. Meanwhile, the Germans were planning the construction of a wall, the Panther Line, from the Gulf of Finland to the Sea of Azov. The wall was never built, however, for the Soviets advanced too quickly for the construction site to be held. On September 25, Stalin’s forces retook the city of Smolensk, which was a keystone in Germany’s defense effort. Dnepropetrovsk fell on October 25, followed by the Ukrainian capital of Kiev on November 6. Germany’s southern army group was now in full-scale retreat and would be expelled from Soviet territory early in 1944.

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Custom LEGO Accessory Spotlight - Barbed Wire

No trespassing! With BrickWarriors' Barbed Wire, that posted sign has a bite to its bark. Of course, the barbs are legitimately sharp, so be careful when assembling your bunkers. But what's best about the Barbed Wire is its ability to be connected to additional strips and create a truly armored enclosure. Just make sure to pick [...]

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Get 33% Off Samurai Accessories This Weekend!

Banzai!!! What's the cause for celebration? BrickWarriors is giving you 33% off all Samurai-themed accessories this weekend! Just use coupon code KATANA17 at checkout, and POOF! You'll receive 33% off each Samurai-themed item in your cart. But just as quickly as this deal swooped in, it will disappear at midnight EST on Sunday night. Ninja, [...]

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Custom LEGO Weapon of the Week - Scimitar

Cue Arabian Nights! One of our more exotic swords, the Scimitar, is this week's custom LEGO weapon! This long curved sabre originated during the Ottoman Empire and was wildly popular across the Middle East. While the scimitar tended to change in design depending on the region in which it was adopted, they all had the [...]

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Custom LEGO Gun Highlight - Flintlock Musket

Ready. Aim. Fire! With the Flintlock Musket, your Colonial-era soldiers will always be on point. Well, maybe not, because muskets weren't incredibly accurate. But that's the advantage to when a gun is just a toy -- it can't shoot, miss, and injure an innocent bystander! But it can be pointed menacingly at fellow minifigures, and that [...]

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LEGO Gun of the Week - Transformers MG-04 Megatron Gun Mode by Chris Roach

It's an extra special edition of LEGO Gun of the Week! Get a close-up look at the creation of the Transformers MG-04 Megatron Gun by Flickr user Chris Roach. Below is his description of this build and a video of it in action! Bonus- you can buy instructions to make your very own LEGO Transformers [...]

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Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week - Vault 101 by Billy Mohr

In the post-apocalyptic wastelands, a custom LEGO minifigure emerges! Billy Mohr brings us this minifigure inspired greatly from the popular Fallout video game universe. Featuring a modified RT Armor, this badass drifter is well equipped with firepower and protective gear for whatever comes his way in his travels across the barren terrain. You never know when a settlement [...]

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Custom LEGO Helmet Spotlight - Archer Helm

That feeling when you want to wear a super cool helmet, but need to be able to have a clear line of sight in order to do your job well. Fear not, the Archer Helm has you covered... but not too covered! Featuring full cranial protection but allowing the wearer's face to still be uncovered, this [...]

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Through the LEGO Lens - September 18, 96

On this day 1, 921 years ago...Roman Emperor, Domitian, was assassinated in Rome. As the story goes, Domitian's chamberlain, Parthenius, drove the assassination, perhaps motivated by the execution of Domitian's secretary Epaphroditus. Though this may have been the case, a number of omens plagued Domitian of his imminent death in the days leading up to [...]

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New WWII Japanese Gunner Accessories Have Arrived!

Axis forces are getting backup with our brand new Japanese Gunner accessories! Featuring the Japanese HMG, Japanese Grenade, Japanese Hat, and Japanese Pistol, your Imperial Japanese Army will have the necessary equipment to battle Allied forces. Oh, and for those pacifists of the bunch, we've also included a Straw Hat to keep them cool under [...]

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