Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week - Voodoom by Marek Luinmor


This week's Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week is Voodoom by Marek Luinmor! A village shaman and healer, Jeram Umbaru's home was destroyed by illegal deforestation and he has since taken on the alias of Voodoom, wreaking havoc through voodoo, poison, and destructive magic on those he has deemed responsible. Jeram keeps his identity secret by wearing the Tribal Mask, an ominous cover. Authorities have detained Voodoom, but with his magical powers, it's only a matter of time until he breaks free. When that time comes, don't get caught on the wrong side -- grab your Islanders themed accessories and build up his resistance today!

Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week - Voodoom by Mark Luinmor

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Custom LEGO Accessory Spotlight - Moose Antlers

There's nothing like Christmas in (almost) July! This week's Custom LEGO Accessory Spotlight focuses on the Moose Antlers, highlighted here by Brother Steven's depiction of caribou (not quite reindeer but... close enough!). The beauty of this accessory is that it serves its purpose as an immersive piece to add to your animal or half human, half animal [...]

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Get the Limited Edition Old Man Philicus Minifigure

The new limited edition custom minifigure, Old Man Philicus, is here! Very limited quantities of Old Man Philicus were produced. Once he has sold out, he will not be restocked. He features: Custom Printed LEGO® HeadCustom Printed LEGO® Torso with Arms and HandsDark Brown LEGO® LegsBrown Wizard HatBrown Magic WandBrown QuarterstaffGrab the [...]

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Custom LEGO Weapon of the Week - Buzzsaw Hand

Every minifig has the usual C-shaped hand, but break free from tradition with this week's "handy" featured custom weapon. The Buzzsaw Hand replaces the regular LEGO hand and turns your minifig into a human buzzsaw. Let's hope no one tries hand to hand combat with this guy.Bonus: He's also very handy at Pizza parties!Complete the [...]

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The Brick Connection - Take Your SNOT

The Brick Connection – A novice Lego fan explores the great brick world of LEGOHello Brick Connectors!! I don’t know if I’m actually going to call you readers that, but for now let’s go with it.Anywho, right after learning all that Lego lingo I had a chance to put it to use. Here’s a little background for [...]

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LEGO MOC of the Week - Mors Indecepta by AC Pin

This week's featured MOC comes from the television series Spartacus: War Of The Damned. Creator AC Pin based his creation on a scene from an episode titled "Mors Indecepta," which means death is "indeceivable." The episode finds Spartacus and the rebellion stranded on a mountain ridge in harsh winter weather. In the scene depicted below with a [...]

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Custom LEGO Gun Highlight - Suppressed Sniper

You won't be able to suppress your excitement for this custom LEGO® gun! The Suppressed Sniper is the perfect weapon for taking down a distant target silently. As an added bonus, the built in silencer makes the suppressed sniper shorter and more easily transportable than most other custom LEGO® sniper rifles. Your minifigs can also take aim [...]

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Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week - Plague Priest and Minions by Silver Fox57

This week's Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week is Silver Fox57's Plague Priest and Minions! These aren't those adorable minions from Despicable Me, either -- these are some wicked dudes! Just the graininess of the photo creeps me out like something out of a horror flick, let alone the actual minifigures included. The minions here all don Plague [...]

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Custom LEGO Accessory Spotlight - Digger Shield

Every good miner needs protection. That's a fact! Lucky for all Diggers out there, BrickWarriors has you covered with the Digger Shield. Just as being a miner is a very unique occupation and/or hobby, the Digger Shield is one of a kind. Not the traditional circular or rectangular shape, this shield comes to a jagged point both [...]

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Treat Yo' Self to Father's Day Savings

It's time to treat yo' self! Our sales categories have just rotated again, and some of our most popular items have been deeply discounted. There's over 30 new sale items! But check them out soon, before the sales category rotates again! Some of the highlights: Dragonman HeadViking HelmetViking ArmorRoman HelmetLorica SegmentataDemon [...]

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