Custom Lego Guns in Action - Russian Assault Rifle


This custom Lego Minifigure by Wyvern314 is awesome!  The helmet and the jacket are just too cool!  I'm not sure I've seen a helmet made from actual Lego elements look so great.  One of the most unique minifigs I've seen in awhile.  Great combos.  And a special shout out for using a BrickWarriors custom Lego gun, the Russian Assault Rifle!

lego guns in actions - russian assault rifle

Coming Soon - A Riddle of Regicide by Ryan Hauge

We have an exciting announcement BrickWarriors enthusiasts! Have you ever wondered what BrickWarriors founder Ryan Hauge does when he's not designing new minifigure accessories? Well, for the past two years he has been writing his first novel. Here's a sneak peek of A Riddle of Regicide:Draxin Stormgarde awakens in the Thieves Guild [...]

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Custom Lego Minifigure of the Week - Minos by Bayu Nugroho

Minos is a super awesome custom Lego Minifigure...don't you agree?  I love the spike on the top of the RT helmet.  And the painted horned plate armor and crescent axe look fantastic.  Great combos and great custom minifig!

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Custom Lego Helmet Spotlight - Harpy Helm

This custom lego helmet has so many uses.  It's perfect for harpies, but it's also great for female gladiators and other warriors.  This Minifigure helmet is currently available in brown, black, red, green, and gold.  So hurry and grab the color or your choice before all the harpy accessories fly off the shelves!

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Get the New Plague Doctor Accessorie​s

The plague is coming to the Lego world! But don't worry, we've got you covered. We have just released the following brand new plague doctor accessories on our website: Plague Doctor MaskPlague Doctor HatPlague Doctor CoatCrutchesGrab the new accessories HERE before the plague hits your minifigures!

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Plague Doctor Magic

Steve from Blinky Lights has put on a fantastic magic show for you, showing off the new plague doctor accessories!  Click on the picture below to view the YouTube video:And there are just so many used for these new plague doctor items.  Check out the plague doctor hat without the mask:

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BrickWarriors in History: Plague Doctor

Do you need a plague doctor in your medieval lego village?Probably so!The Black death or the Blue sickness as the people called it back then, spread west from China, ultimately killing off perhaps half of the medieval population of Europe.And people knew it was coming!They would receive letters from people in infected areas to the [...]

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Official Rules for @BrickWarriors Sweepstakes on Twitter

By participating in any Sweepstakes during 2014 promoted by @BrickWarriors, you agree to these Official Rules, which are a contract, so read them carefully before participating. Without limitation, this contract includes indemnities to BrickWarriors and its employees from you and a limitation of your rights and remedies. The details and requirements for entry or participation in any Sweepstakes shall be [...]

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Gladiator Hospital - New Crutches Revealed!

Maybe they should have given that Minifigure some crutches instead of chopping off his leg!  Too bad the guy with crutches didn't stop by a moment sooner.  But now everyone in the Lego world can enjoy crutches for their minifigures!  It's about time.  Think of all the possibilities of MOCs with these :)

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Lego Gun Highlight - Big Gun of Brick by Monsterbrick

This Lego gun is super awesome.  So many tiny details that really make it look life-like. I love how he even made the Lego bullets shiny.  But I actually think one of my favorite parts is the title of the picture: Big Gun of Brick.  Pretty funny Monsterbrick :)

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