Design Sneak Peeks

Double Flail Fight – New Double Flail Revealed!

Check out our brand new custom Lego Double Flail!  Ryan thought it would be nice to have a flail that actually looks right when it’s doing something other than lying on a table…  It’s about time, right?!  Use this double flail for awesome action scenes!  Available on our website starting on Friday!

New Lantern Shield Revealed!

While searching for obscure weapons Ryan came across this gem:  the lantern shield.  They would light a fire on the back of the shield and then open the little window in hopes that the fire would blind their opponent and give them an opening to strike.  So…we had to make it of course!  There’s nothing better than a custom Lego shield that also sets things on fire and blinds minifigures.

Lighting the Way – New Metal Torch Revealed!

For those times when an upside-down carrot or repurposed telescope just aren’t enough for your hand held lighting needs.  Introducing the new BrickWarriors custom Lego metal torch!  Grab them on Friday.  But be careful not to burn your hands :)

Good and Evil Guards – New Kite Shield Revealed!

These two guards may be of opposing forces…but they both have lovely shields, right?  Get the new kite shield starting this Friday!  Stay tuned this week for more announcements!

Lorica Segmentata and Roman Skirt – more views

Here’s a better shot of the final two pieces that are being released tomorrow!  :)

The Legion is Coming – New Lorica Segmentata & Roman Skirt Revealed!

Check out our brand new custom Lego Lorica Segmentata and Roman Skirt!  Now this is what a proper roman should look like!  Want to get your hands on that armor?  Well, it’s all yours starting tomorrow!

Time to March – New Cornu Revealed!

Check out the brand new Cornu!  These Roman Legionnaires are ready for a parade.  I hope everyone brought their ear plugs.  The new custom Lego horn will be released this Friday!

The Emperor Is Dead – New Pugio Revealed

At least he can take consolation in the fact that he was killed with the lovely new BrickWarriors Pugio.  The new custom Lego dagger will be available this Friday!  Stay tuned this week for more reveals :)

Final Piece to the Puzzle – New Leg Armor Revealed!

The city watch guard is now complete!  The tassets were the last piece…letting your knights finally protect their legs!  Who else is excited about all the new accessories?  Well fear not, because they’ll be up on the website tomorrow! :)


Tournament Prep – New Custom Lego Armor Revealed!

The Jousting Helmet finally has an accompaniment…the brand new City Watch Armor.  One side has shoulder protection so as not to be stabbed with the lance, while the other side has free range of motion so you can move your lance and get to your opponent.  No minifigures are going to want to go up against your knight!  We hope you like the new custom Lego armor as much as we do!