About Us

BrickWarriors is a small business located in Wilmington, Delaware that designs and produces LEGO® compatible accessories and minifigures. I, Ryan Hauge, am the founder and CEO of BrickWarriors, and Amanda Taylor is our Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). 

I have always enjoyed building various creations with LEGO®, but my favorite part has always been populating my creations with minifigures. In fact, when I was a young child, I would always put together the minifigures first and then create a building or vehicle to fit with the minifigs. 

No matter how many new minifigure designs LEGO® would come out with each year, I continually found myself disappointed that I couldn’t design exactly what the figures and their accessories would look like. 

Eventually, I decided to try to design my own decals and print them on sticker paper. My first designs were fairly terrible and the sticker paper looked cheap when applied to the figures. However, with years of practice and experimentation, my designs got better and better and I found out about waterslide decals, thus creating figures that were very close to official LEGO® minifigures. As it turns out, our CMO, Amanda Taylor, is also a talented decal designer. 

Something was still missing though.   Even though I could create my own custom torsos, my figures were still limited by the scope and availability of accessories from various stores on-line and official LEGO® accessories. In order to have the ability to produce any figure that I could possibly dream up, I knew I had to start making weapons, accessories, and headgear myself. 

After learning how to use CAD and getting a few designs that I was satisfied with, I sent the designs to a professional tooler to be molded in steel and injected with ABS plastic, the same plastic that LEGO® uses. I also purchased the equipment necessary to do short run production of ABS accessories at home in order to test designs before having them mass produced. 

The result of those countless hours of designing and thousands of dollars in equipment is BrickWarriors.

~Ryan Hauge, Founder and CEO of BrickWarriors