Hiding Behind the Shields - New Pavise Shield


Another shot of the new Pavise Shield - a Minifigure hiding behind 3 custom lego shields may seem like a little much...but at least he's protected!

lego shields

New Custom Lego Pavise Shields Revealed!

So many color options for these Lego minifigures to choose from.  The brand new pavise shield will be released on Friday along with the crossbow and crossbowman helmet.  It's big and heavy...the perfect shield to hide behind when using a crossbow.  Stay tuned to see if there will be anything else included in this release!

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Lego guns - Scorpion SMG by The Dawg's Guns

Check out this Lego guns - the Scorpion SMG.  The details on the barrel and muzzle of this gun are awesome.  These Lego guns that people make look so realistic.  Great job!

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Marching to War - New Crossbow Revealed!

Nothing better than marching to war...with crossbows!  Who else is super excited about our custom Lego crossbow?  One of the coolest parts is that it can clip onto the back of some of our armor!  Awesomeness!  And it looks great with the new helmet, eh?

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Custom Lego Minifigure of the Week - An Unlikely Encounter by Mark of Falworth

Check out this custom Lego Minifigure!  Mark of Falworth did an amazing job with this one.  That hair!  Super clever to use beards to create an awesome hairpiece.  It looks fantastic on our Jotunaar minifig.  Awesome combos and awesome scene!  I think the Minifigure with the sweet hairdo is going to win this one!

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Protect the City! - New Crossbowman Helmet Revealed!

Check it this beautiful new custom Lego helmet!  I know what you're thinking...how can it be a crossbowman helmet if he doesn't have a crossbow?  Well, take a guess at what else will be released with it this Friday!  Stay tuned this week for other new item reveals :)

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Custom Lego Helmet/Head Spotlight - Android Head

The Android Head is a great addition for sci-fi minifigures.  I mean, when is it not a good idea to have a little variety?  So, sci-fi minifigures can now rip off their heads and put these fantastic replacements on!  And even though it only has one eye...don't be fooled.  He's gonna get you!

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Get Brown Viking Shields & Pilums

Dozens of our accessories are now available for the very first time in brown! The following items are now available in brown: Viking ShieldPilumGladiusSarissa SpearVine WhipGrab the new brown accessories HERE Also, we created two new sections on our website. Our NEW tab, shows all the latest item releases. [...]

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Custom Lego Weapon of the Week - Viking Longsword

The Viking Longsword has become one of our most popular custom Lego weapons.  This sword has a big debate going on about the slit down the front and whether the grooves are for blood or to make it lighter.  It was our intention to design it with a fuller, specifically for making the sword lighter.  [...]

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