Custom Lego Weapon of the Week - Bear Trap


With this custom Lego weapon, your minifigs better watch where they're walking. One wrong step and....SNAP! The Bear Trap is great for hunting, but also great for booby trapping your enemies while you hide behind a bush. Just make sure your minifigs don't step into their own trap.

The other items depicted in this photo are the Goblin Helmet, Military Vest, Chained Pipe, Hooligan Hat, and Gladiator Pauldron.

Lego MOC of the Week - Spartan Army by Dennis Chang

Almost like a scene straight out of 300, this week's featured MOC depicts a menacing Spartan army, led by a guy with six pack abs. Holding their matching Spartan Shields and their pointed Sarissa Spears, these guys look ready to take on any army, even one more than ten times their size. Their leader, King Leonidasis perhaps, [...]

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Custom Lego Gun Highlight - Repeater Rifle

Whether your western minifigures are saving a damsel in distress or simply want to go hunting to get some food on the camp-fire, the Repeater Rifle is the perfect weapon.To carry more ammo, don’t forget to pick up a BrickWarriors Bandolier! And make your cowboy look legit with a Cowboy Hat and Bandana.

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Vambraces and More Are Back!

We just restocked some popular items that have been sold out for quite awhile. Grab them this time before they're gone again: Black BandolierSteel Tommy GunSteel VambracesSteel Dragon Sword

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Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week - Historic Assassin Thomas de Carneillon by Justin Stebbins

This week's Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week is the Historic Assassin Thomas de Carneillon by Justin Stebbins aka Saber-Scorpion! Justin does a great job transforming a minifig into something more using his own custom decals, and with this creation he included a couple of BrickWarriors' most popular pieces as well to make a minifig version [...]

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Custom LEGO Accessory of the Week - Minotaur Head

If you mess with the bull, you’re gonna get the horns. Literally. This weeks custom lego accessory is the Minotaur Head. In Greek mythology, the Minotaur was a creature with the head of a bull on the body of a man, and strong and courageous. And obviously the best place to become half minifig, half bull is right here [...]

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Get the Limited Edition Snivervin Minifigure

We just released a new limited edition minifigure today - Snivervin the Apothecary. He features: Custom Printed LEGO® HeadCustom Printed LEGO® Torso with Arms and HandsBrown LEGO® Short LegsWhite and Lime LEGO® HairGreen Vine WhipBrown PugioNote: VERY limited quantities of these were produced. Once we run out, they're gone forever. Get Snivervin HERE. [...]

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Custom Lego Weapon of the Week - Double Flail

Anyone can have a flail, but a Double Flail?! That's a whole lot of awesome. At BrickWarriors, we are very proud of our custom flail, especially compared to the actual Lego flail accessory. Not only is ours double the trouble, but we take into account basic physics: gravity. It exists. So if you want a [...]

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Lego MOC of the Week - Chariot of the Gods by AC Pin

This week's featured MOC is not grand in size, but it is grand. Chariot of the Gods by AC Pin features a Greek God-like Minifigure riding in his chariot led by two white stallions. The Greek warrior is wearing the epic BrickWarriors Bladed Helm and the Muscled Cuirass. Question is, is this Chariot about to [...]

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Custom Lego Gun Highlight - Austrian Bull Pup

This week's featured Lego gun is the Austrian Bull Pup. What the heck is a "Bull Pup"?!According to the all-knowing source that is Wikipedia, Bull Pup "describes a modern firearm configuration in which the action and magazine are located behind the trigger group and alongside the shooter's face, so there is no wasted space for [...]

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