Custom Lego Minifigure of the Week - Demon by Secutor


Every week I am amazed by all the cool minifigs people create using our pieces...and Secutor's creations are always impressive!  The rusty/bloody look of the sword is so menacing.  The painting on all the pieces is really remarkable.  All the small details really make this Minifigure come to life!  Terrifyingly awesome!

custom Lego minifigure - demon

Custom Lego Accessory Spotlight - Tribal Drum

This week's custom Lego accessory spotlight is the tribal drum.  Even though it is primarily used by tribal minifigs, any Minifigure could really get some good use out of it!  It's great for jam sessions, waaaay throw back Thursday pictures, bonking intruders on the head, stashing hidden treasures, and more.  And the spikes work great [...]

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Fall into Autumn with Pearl Gold Muscled Cuirasses!

It doesn't feel like autumn this weekend on the east coast, but soon the leaves will be turning a beautiful golden yellow! And we wanted to celebrate the start of fall by restocking a fan favorite: pearl gold muscled cuirasses. Jump into autumn HERE with pearl gold muscled cuirasses!

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Lego MOC of the Week - The Snowy Mountain Stockade by Noric Warrenson

Noric Warrenson created an awesome Lego MOC this week.  What is that you said?  The tree is awesome?  It really is!  What makes it even more awesome is that is has a few antlers in it!  The whole snowy scene looks fantastic, especially the mountain peeks nestled in snow and the frozen stream.  The minifigs [...]

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Custom Lego Gun Highlight - Why the Allies Lost Crete by Codey Kluczynski

Codey Kluczynski created an awesome custom Lego gun this week!  Isn't the gun awesome?  It looks like 4 different Lego guns combined.  And the knife combined with our cestus is sick!  And it's an awesome custom Minifigure. 

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Custom Lego Minifigure of the Week - The Silent Hunter by Noric Warrenson's cousin

I love the combos on this minifig/horse duo!  It's just so creepy looking.  The red painted eyes on the custom Lego Minifigure make it even more menacing.  I'm wondering if the duo could fly away...I think the dragon wings can hold that weight!

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Custom Lego Accessory Spotlight - Arrow Half

The arrow half is such a versatile piece!  And it goes great with the new archer accessories, like the English longbow.  It's a must have custom Lego accessory in battle scenes involving any kind of bow and arrows.  And it's flying off the BrickWarriors shelves, some make sure to grab some today!

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Get the New Archer Accessories!

We just launched our brand new archer accessories! So grab your minifigs because it's time to let the archery competition begin! The archer release includes: Rogue HoodHidden BladeArcher ArmorQuiverEnglish Longbow Grab the new archer accessories HERE Convention Update - We are off to Brick Fest Live in Maryland later today. [...]

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That frog is a gonner - New Quiver Revealed!

Check out our brand new custom lego quiver!  It's detachable, or attachable, however you want to say it :)  Fits onto the back of any of our armors that include a stud.  Now the archer is complete!  And that frog is going to be dead.

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Ready the Archers - New Archer Armor Revealed!

Time to get ready buddy!  Grab the new longbow and hood and get moving!  The new Archer Armor is the perfect finishing touch to this Minifigure.  Oh wait, though!  is that an attachable quiver?!  Wait and see!

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