Get the Limited Edition Akeena the Bank Robber Minifigure


We just released a new limited edition minifigure today - Akeena the Bank Robber. She features:

  • Custom Printed LEGO® Head
  • Custom Printed LEGO® Torso with Arms and Hands
  • Custom Printed LEGO® Legs
  • Rogue Hood - Black
  • Torch - Steel
  • Unreleased Katar Dagger - Steel

Note: VERY limited quantities of these were produced. Once we run out, they're gone forever.

Get Akeena the Bank Robber HERE

Akeena is a character from the novel Riddle of Regicide. To follow her adventures with Draxin, get the book for just 99 cents HERE.

new custom lego minifigure - akeena

Also, Ryan and I will be at Philly Brick Fest this weekend! If you're in the area, make sure to stop by and say hi :) We hope to see you there!

For more information about Philly Brick Fest, check out their website HERE

brick fest live

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