Rogue Assassin - New Hood and Hidden Blade Revealed!


Is there anything more terrifying than a deadly assassin?  Well with our brand new rogue hood and hidden blade!  Now that's a sexy little Lego minifigure!  Get the new custom Lego accessories this Friday!  Stay tuned all week for more updates :)

Lego Gun Highlight - Play Well Far Away by Monsterbrick

Okay, so this isn't a Lego gun.  BUT it's the same general idea...a dangerous Lego creation.  Super awesome, lit, and ready to blow.  Plus I loved the title: "play well far away."  Freaking fantastic!  If you're looking for a Minifigure scale dynamite we've got you covered!

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Orc Archers - New Longbow Revealed!

These orcs are ready to kick butt with the brand new BrickWarriors Longbow.  The archers firing at them are great at hitting shields...not so great at hitting the orcs.  So I think the orcs can win this one.  Especially with the beautiful new custom Lego Longbows (available Friday).

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Custom Lego Minifigure of the Week - Sergeant Bananas by Silver Fox57

Silver Fox57 always creates great custom minifigs and here is another one!  I love the painted bullets on the side of the military helmet.  It really makes the helmet more realistic looking.  And the combos are great.  Who doesn't want to see a scary monkey holding a custom Lego gun?!

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Custom Lego Accessory Spotlight - Poison Rose

The poison rose has always been one of my favorite pieces.  It can be dark and sinister like in this picture or it can be a perfectly nice rose!  We just like to make everything seem warrior related so we called it a poison rose instead of just a rose.  The thorns on the sides [...]

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Get the New Pearl Gold Accessorie​s!

We just released some items in pearl gold! It's time for your minifigs to shine...literally! The following accessories are now available for the first time in pearl gold: Roman SkirtRoman PlumeScutumJester AccessoriesDeath in the BoxSpartan PlumeViking ShieldPavise ShieldKite ShieldVine Whip Grab the new pearl gold accessories HERE Convention update: We [...]

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Lego MOC of the Week - The siege of the northern wall by Noric Warrenson

I feel like I'm right in the heart of battle.  The angle of this shot is so freaking awesome!  It really immerses you into the scene.  And thanks for using tons of BrickWarriors accessories - Brute Armor, Ranger Helm, Tribal accessories, Celestial Crown, and more!  Great job Noric Warrenson on this epic battle scene!

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Lego Gun Highlight - HK416 by Chas Irish

Check out this awesome Lego gun!  Chas Irish created a HK416.  It's life sized and even has working functions! Super cool, right?  I love his logo that shows off some of his other guns too!  See more of Chas Irish's Lego gun creations by checking out his flickr page.

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Custom Lego Minifigure of the Week - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 - Frost Minifigure by Plociuu

Plociuu created an awesome custom Lego minifigure this week, based on the game, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.  His Frost minifigure is really well painted and has great combos which include a BrickWarriors Military Vest!  Don't forget to check out our Military Helmet and custom Lego guns to make your own version!

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Custom Lego Accessory of the Week - Grapes

You did know that Lego Minifigures need nourishment, right?  Well of course they do!  If they don't eat every 10 years or so, they break into pieces.  Heads, arms, hands, torsos, and legs everywhere.  Such a mess to clean up.  Don't let it happen to your minifigs!  Give them the nourishment they crave with BrickWarriors [...]

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