BrickWarriors in History: Plague Doctor

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Do you need a plague doctor in your medieval lego village?Probably so!The Black death or the Blue sickness as the people called it back then, spread west from China, ultimately killing off perhaps half of the medieval population of Europe.And people knew it was coming!They would receive letters from people in infected areas to the south or east, or pilgrims would return from their trips reporting about the horrors of whole families dropping dead in a matter of hours, and even whole villages succumbing to the disease.Many of the existing doctors just ran away they were so afraid.Nobody knew what to do about it. They tried repenting, doing penance, flagellation, changing their lifestyles and eating habits, and even refusing spices since the spices came from the East, but still the plague came and killed.

Don’t just sit there and let your medieval town be decimated!Your minifigs can do better than just walking around carrying bunches of sweet smelling flowers to protect themselves.Save your minifigs!The town can hire a plague doctor!Just pick any minifig and give him the costume and just like that he’ll be qualified as a plague doctor!He doesn’t need any training. There wasn’t any!All he needs is a mask with a long beak, so he can fill it with scented material like rose hips and straw.That way he won’t breathe in any of that “bad air” emanating from decaying matter.He will also need a long coat made of goat’s leather and covered with wax, to protect his body to keep that “bad air” out.To top it all off, make sure you give him a wide rimmed physician’s hat, just so people will know he’s a doctor.

So when your minifigs start breaking out under their arms with large blue buboes filled with a vile smelling pus, don’t worry, just make a plague doctor, and he can lance it or put leaches on it!Then when the patient dies anyway, he can keep meticulous records, and even perform autopsies so everyone will know what his patients died from.Don’t let your village be the last one to have a plague doctor.And once the plague is over, just like the famous plague doctor, Nostradamus, your plague doctor may be able to write predictions that are so popular that people are still reading them hundreds of years from now.

Looking for a great Halloween costume this year?Put on a plague doctor costume!But be careful: after you say “trick or treat”, don’t let anyone trick you into trying to treat their ebola symptoms!Scary stuff!

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Gladiator Hospital - New Crutches Revealed!

Maybe they should have given that Minifigure some crutches instead of chopping off his leg!  Too bad the guy with crutches didn't stop by a moment sooner.  But now everyone in the Lego world can enjoy crutches for their minifigures!  It's about time.  Think of all the possibilities of MOCs with these :)

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Lego Gun Highlight - Big Gun of Brick by Monsterbrick

This Lego gun is super awesome.  So many tiny details that really make it look life-like. I love how he even made the Lego bullets shiny.  But I actually think one of my favorite parts is the title of the picture: Big Gun of Brick.  Pretty funny Monsterbrick :)

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Custom Minifigure of the Week - An Elf Hunter by Glorfindel of Atlendor

I'm loving this custom Minifigure and the vignette that goes along with him.  My favorite part is the combination of the rogue hood and the new cape from the Lego Minifigure series 12.  They look fantastic together!  And the Lego bow and arrow across his chest is super cool too.  Well done Glorfindel of Atlendor!

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Searching the Catacombs - New Robe Revealed!

Check out this super fly monk.  Looks like there's a lot of treasure in the catacombs.  Time to buy even more new custom Lego robes then!  New accessories available on Friday.  What other items do you think will be released?

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Harpy Attack - New Mask Revealed!

Now that's a Harpy!  A mask with a beak really was needed to complete the awesomeness.  This mask and more unrevealed custom Lego accessories will be available this Friday.  Stay tuned this week to see all the new items!  And start thinking of all the cool things you can do with this mask :) 

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Custom Lego Helmet Spotlight - Viking Helmet

Viking minifigs have been eyeing up this custom Lego Viking helmet for awhile now.  Stylish, protective, and intimidating...this custom Lego helmets is a must have for your Viking minifigures!  If you don't get it for them, you might be attacked in your sleep!  Make sure to grab a pair of moose antlers to make your [...]

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Get Green Harpy Armor & Wizard Hats

We hope you’re having a great week! We just wanted to let you know that the following items are now available for the first time in green: Harpy HelmHarpy ArmorWizard HatGo green HERE And stop by our booth this weekend in Cincinnati, OH at Brick Fest Live. For more information about this event, [...]

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Lego Collectible Minifigs Series 12: Pimp My Minifigs Video

The Lego Collectible Minifigs Series 12 is pretty sweet, but wouldn't the figures be cooler with some BrickWarriors accessories?  It's time for Pimp My Minifigs!  Click on the picture to view the YouTube video!  Pimp your own minifigs at

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