Custom Lego Shield Spotlight - Goblin Shield


The goblin shield is one of my favorite custom Lego shields. With it's worn look and chunks missing, it really looks lifelike!  I could totally see a goblin strutting down the street rocking one of these!  Looks great with the goblin helmet and some of our custom Lego weapons: the spiked mace and cestus.

lego shields - goblin shield

Get the New Wizard Accessorie​s

There's magic in the air this weekend, because we have just launched some awesome wizard accessories! The brand new wizard accessories include: Wizard HatMagic WandQuarterstaffVine Whip Grab the new wizard accessories HERE [...]

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Staff Attack - New Quarterstaff Revealed!

Check out the brand new quarterstaff!  Isn't it a beauty?  The Viking Shield is no match for a warrior equipped with this new custom Lego weapon!  Wizard minifigures around the realm rejoice!

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People Being Turned Into Minifigures - New Wizard Items Revealed!

We have breaking news from the people at the Brick News Network!  There have been several people reportedly being turned into Lego minifigures.  But who is responsible for this?  Take a look the video footage HERE to see a glimpse of the new wizard items.

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The Witch - New Vine Whip!

There's no way that this frog can win the fight.  A vine whip and a wand?  This custom Lego witch minifigure is unstoppable.  Hop away little foggy, hop away!

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Fire Wizard - New Wizard Want Revealed!

Check out this wizard training hard!  With the new custom lego wizard wand, it's pretty easy to cast a spell in the Minifigure realm.  But it's still pretty awesome that he was able to set this barrel on fire :)

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Scary Scarecrow - New Wizard Hat Revealed!

Looks like the scarecrow successfully scared the crows away.  Must have been because of that awesome new Wizard Hat!  Check out the worn look of it, and the stitching on the sides.  Now that is a Wizard Hat fit for a Minifigure wizard or witch!

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Get Dark Red Spartan Shields and Viking Longswords

It's time for a new color release! The following accessories are now available in dark red: Viking LongswordSpartan ShieldCity Watch HalberdMetal TorchGladiusPilumDouble Flail& Lots More! Grab the new dark red accessories HERE Also, did you know that Ryan is a movie star? Well...check out the movie, Strings of Fear, he was [...]

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Custom Lego Weapon of the Week - Viking Axe

No Viking Minifigure is complete without an awesome Viking Axe!  With this throwing axe, Vikings could even kill opponents from far away.  All they had to do was chuck it at the enemy...if they were strong enough that is!  Just picture it entering someone's skull.  Yuck! 

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Lego MOC of the Week - Hold the Line! by AC Pin

AC Pin created a fantastic MOC this week!  Vikings versus winged knights.  I don't know...Vikings are pretty awesome and brutal fighters, but I wouldn't even know what to expect from the knights with wings and their lego horses.  So I'm going to have to guess that the knights will be the ones holding their line!  [...]

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