Last Chance to Get 22% Off During Our Memorial Day Sale!


Today is the last day of our huge Memorial Day sale! Get 22% off all orders* until midnight EST! Just use coupon code MEMORIAL15. We hope that you have a great Memorial Day!

*Minimum $10 purchase. Coupon is not valid for resellers.

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last day of the brickwarriors memorial day sale!

Custom LEGO Accessory Spotlight - Lantern Shield

When preparing for the warmer months of the year, not all of us head to the gym and to go tanning. True warriors head over to and get sizzling hot deals on some of our hottest items! This kind gentlemen below is sporting our Tharex Helmet for full facial coverage from UV rays, an Assassins Dagger [...]

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Get 22% Off During Our Memorial Day Sale!

We're having a huge Memorial Day sale! Get 22% off all orders* now through Monday! Just use coupon code MEMORIAL15. We hope that you have a great Memorial Day! *Minimum $10 purchase. Coupon is not valid for resellers.Get 22% Off HERE

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BRICKWARRIORS: Building a Business by C.J. Stunkard

C.J. Stunkard from visited BrickWarriors headquarters a few weeks ago to interview BrickWarriors founder and CEO Ryan Hauge.  It was a great interview, diving in to Ryan's love for Lego, and there are tons of great pictures to go along with it.  To read the full interview click HERE.

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Custom Lego Weapon of the Week - Hunga Munga

A multi-pronged knife that can be used in hand to hand combat and in long-range battle is the featured weapon of the week. The Hunga Munga has a funky design to go along with its funky name. If the two prongs on top are not enough to cause some damage, there is a third prong [...]

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Lego MOC of the Week - The Sultan's Champions by Eric Kesler

This week's featured MOC comes from the world of Dungeons and Dragons. The group facing the camera are the titular Sultan's champions. I don't know all the details, but I think it's pretty obvious that the green monster Lego dudes are the bad guys. For more photos of The Sultan's Champions go to Eric Kesler's [...]

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Custom Lego Gun Highlight - Deadly Cricket

When the robots take over, they're going to develop guns with accuracy and range us lowly humans have never seen before. The BrickWarriors custom Lego gun, the Deadly Cricket is so-called because an accurate marksman can use it to kill a cricket from over a mile away. Talk about a powerful sniper rifle!At least the humans might [...]

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Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week - The Winter Ninja by Mr. Spirits

This week's Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week is The Winter Ninja, brought to you by Mr. Spirits. Typically, ninjas are dressed in all black and move stealthily about. The Winter Ninja bucks current fashion trends and has an all white wardrobe. He enjoys snowcones and picking off unsuspecting hikers who scale his mountain home with his [...]

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Custom Lego Accessory of the Week - Ranger Helmet

Here at BrickWarriors, we're all about the custom minifigs. This means you don't gotta follow our themes as they were designed - you can freeball it. Take this Warrior for example. He's sporting the trendiest Tan Ranger Helm, Black Demon Armor, Black Greaves, Bear Trap and Chained Pipe. Not necessarily pieces designed to go together, but add to that custom [...]

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Get Steel Demon Armor, Viking Swords, & More!

Wish we had more of your favorite items in stock in steel? Well, you’re in luck! Tons of accessories have just been restocked in steel: Demon ArmorViking SwordsBrute ArmorAndroid Head & ArmorRPG LauncherBear Trap& More!Also, we will be attending two conventions this weekend: Brick Fest Live in Marlborough, Massachusetts and Brick Slopes in [...]

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