Custom LEGO Gun Highlight - RPG Launcher


This week's featured custom LEGO gun is not much of a gun. But it does shoot projectiles at a fast speed to cause lethal damage. Perfectly designed to rest on your minifig's shoulder while taking aim through the scope, the RPG Launcher is just what you need to blow your LEGO enemies away. 

And don't forget to buy your RPGs. Don't want to look like a red mohawk-headed fool with a launcher that has nothing to launch. 

RPG Launcher

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Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week - Wolfskin Axeman by lordanthul

As creator lordanthul says, "Because he just wasn't quite brave enough to take on a bear." All jokes aside, not a bad feat to take down a wolf and utilize it as an armor/helmet combo piece in the form of the Wolf Pelt Helm. Lordanthul does a great job of custom painting BrickWarriors accessories to create additional [...]

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Custom LEGO Helmet Spotlight - Top Hat

There's just something about a Top Hat that screams, "I'm classy!" For example, one of the most famous top hat-wearing, beard-sporting people is the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, abolitionist of slavery and face of the $5 bill. This dude was ahead of his time in civil rights and fashion, and that's the [...]

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Get Brown Hidden Blades, Training Dummies, & More

It's time for an awesome restock of some of your favorite items in...brown! The following items are now available in brown again (finally): Scythian BowRanger HelmArcher ArmorTraining DummiesHorned Plate ArmorAssassin MaskHarpy ArmorHidden BladeOrder the brown restocks HERE

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Custom LEGO Weapon of the Week - Kanabo

One of the newest BrickWarriors custom LEGO weapons is the Kanabo. What's a Kanabo? ...Nothing, what's the matter with you? Okay, I'll leave the jokes to the professionals.A Kanabo is a spiked/knobbed club that was used in feudal Japan by Samurai. So if your Samurai minifig can move fast enough, not even a ninja's Katana can stay in one piece [...]

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The Brick Connection - A Video Game, a Wheelchair, and a Toy Fair

The Brick Connection – A novice Lego fan explores the great brick world of LEGOHappy February my fellow LEGO fans!A new month finally brings a new topic. That topic is LEGO. Well obviously every week the topic is LEGO (or at least I try really hard to make it about LEGO). But since I’ve spent the [...]

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LEGO MOC of the Week - Sherlock Holmes by Admonisher

This week's featured MOC may be small, but it features two legendary characters. The MOC's builder, Admonisher posted this on the eurobricks forum under the topic title: LEGO Sherlock Holmes cracks the case! Here's his description of the scene:A fabulous diamond! A discarded copy of The Financial News! A mysterious red stain! Sherlock Holmes, the great detective, [...]

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Custom LEGO Gun Highlight - Grinder Shotgun

What's great about BrickWarriors accessories is that you can make any combination of them look good on a LEGO minifigure. Check out the photo below, combining this week's featured custom LEGO sci-fi gun with accessories based on ancient history. The Grinder Shotgun (on the right) was originally made to be used in close-range combat for resistance [...]

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Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week - Hawkgirl by @lightning_bricks

This week's Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week is a character from DC Comics and holds the honor of being one of the first female superheroes. Hawkgirl, brought to life here by Instagrammer @lightning_bricks, actually has origins as an Egyptian princess named Shiera (or Chay-Ara) and has been featured in many comics and modern TV series [...]

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Custom LEGO Helmet Spotlight - Viking Helmet

Teddy Bridgewater. Adrian Peterson. Harrison Smith. All great Vikings. But not quite the Vikings I'm talking about. I mean more the group of people who were skilled at traveling the world via the seas and raided the poor people who were caught in their path. Now your minifigure Vikings can raid and terrorize just as their [...]

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