Custom LEGO Gun Highlight - Fire Breather


Who wants a piece of ash?! Well now your minifigs can have all the ash they could possibly want with the Fire Breather, a custom LEGO gun. The Fire Breather does exactly what it's named for, meaning enemies and dry forest areas beware! 

Protect your minifig from the flames with a custom LEGO Helmet, the RT Helmet, and RT Armor. Dress your enemy minifigs in a Rhino Helmet and Gladiator Pauldron

Bonus: The standard hole in the front of this gun will fit any standard rod, including both the LEGO® flame plume and the original LEGO® fire piece. But the BrickWarriors Thraex Plumes (sold separately) also make great looking fire.

Fire Breather

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Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week - Orc Warmonger by CJ Stunkard

Don't think about crossing this one. This week's Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week is a creation by CJ Stunkard entitled Orc Warmonger. Decked out in a Pig Snout Bascinet helmet and Goblin Shield for protection, this Orc goes on the offensive with a lineup of Lizardman Armor and a Lizardman Sword, complemented by Wooden Spikes [...]

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Custom LEGO Helmet Spotlight - Digger Helmet

It protects your face from dust and dirt... and enemy attacks. But it can also be used as a shovel when tunneling deep underground. Today's spotlight is on the Digger Helmet, an all-in-one tool for miners around the globe. Available in Steel or Black, and paired perfectly with the Digger Pickaxe, Shield, and Armor, the Digger Helmet transforms any [...]

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Get the Limited Edition Evil Wizard Minifigure

The new limited edition custom minifigure, the Evil Wizard, is here! Very limited quantities of the Evil Wizard were produced. Once he has sold out, he will not be restocked. He features: Custom Printed LEGO® HeadCustom Printed LEGO® TorsoCustom Printed LEGO® Arms with HandsCustom Printed LEGO® LegsRogue HoodQuarterstaffVine WhipGrab the new Evil [...]

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Custom LEGO Weapon of the Week - Assassin Dagger

This week's featured custom LEGO weapon was one of the first ever created by BrickWarriors. It's even featured in the BrickWarriors logo. This small, but deadly weapon is perfect for any assassin minifig, and not just because they share a name. The Assassin Dagger can easily be concealed, allowing for quiet and quick sneak attacks on [...]

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LEGO MOC of the Week - Scouting, Spying and other Sly things by Mark of Falworth

We've recently given up on posting a LEGO MOC of the week that's not by Mark of Falworth. And with creations like the one below, can you blame us?But we really would like to see MOCs from other BrickWarriors fans. Here's what you can do: Build a MOC and include at least one BrickWarriors accessoryShare it with our [...]

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The Brick Connection - Star Wars Sets Part III

The Brick Connection– A novice Lego fan explores the great brick world of LEGOHello party people!Why are you party people? I don’t know…because when you have LEGO in your life, you’re always having a good time...Nailed it.So this is the final blog on the new Stars Wars sets. That is, until they come out with even newer [...]

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Custom LEGO Gun Highlight - Steel Destruction

We at BrickWarriors have been enjoying releasing custom LEGO guns with relatively literal names recently. Maybe because coming up with creative non-literal names is really hard. Well, like its name says, the Steel Destruction can certainly destroy some steel; and pretty much anything else it wants. This weapon is basically an RPG Launcher on steroids. So grab this [...]

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Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week - Legless LEGO by adbc886

Believe it or not, even minifigures can get injured. Just ask this guy, created by adbc886. Lucky for them, BrickWarriors saw a void in the medical field for minifigures and introduced Crutches for those with ailments. It may be a bit too late, because crutches don't treat infections, but at least he won't have to limp [...]

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Custom LEGO Shield Spotlight - Spartan Shield

DON'T DROP THE SHIELD. This week's Custom LEGO Shield Spotlight features the Spartan Shield, an iconic and integral accessory of the great Spartan warriors of Ancient Greece. Quick fact: that's not an upside-down V on the face of the shield, it's actually the Greek letter lambda, which stood for Laconia or Lacedaemon, the region that Sparta ruled. The [...]

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