Free BrickWarriors Comic Book, Plus a Coupon


Wondering what shenanigans Alternative Energy Man is up to now? Follow the superhero, Alternative Energy Man, as he continues his epic, world changing journey in Issue 2 - Alternative Energy Man Vs. The Dumper.

Embedded somewhere in the comic book is a coupon code for 23% off your order total...and it expires Monday, March 30th at midnight EST. So read it, laugh out loud, and get an awesome coupon!

Access the new comic book HERE

alternative energy man issue 2 - comic book

so, we will be at the new AFOL convention, BrickUniverse, this weekend in Raleigh, NC! So if you're in the area, make sure to stop by our booth :) We can't wait to meet you!

brick universe afol convention

Custom Lego Weapon of the Week - Gladiator Axe

Who needs the movie Gladiator, when you can create your own Lego Gladiator? Give your Gladiator Minifig its best chance in the arena by giving it the Gladiator Axe. Use the sharp blade to slice off limbs or flip it around and use the spike to pin your opponent's foot in the ground.Give your Gladiator's [...]

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Lego MOC of the Week - Battle At The Pass by AC Pin

Another Lego MOC of the week, another MOC by AC Pin. The trees, the wall, the soldiers, the Alps. AC Pin has really taken his MOC building to new heights with Battle At The Pass. But why should I try to describe the scene, when AC Pin can do it himself: "Two opposing armies are [...]

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Custom Lego Gun Highlight - Steampunk Rifle

This week's custom Lego gun highlight was inspired by a subgenre of science fiction and/or fantasy called Steampunk that features technology and designs inspired by 19th century industry steam-powered machinery. It's simultaneously futuristic and retro and the Steampunk Rifle is the perfect weapon for any minifig living in that world. The steampunk genre is also [...]

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March Madness BrickWarriors Bracket Challenge Update - Sweet 16

The Sweet 16 is set! The first two rounds of the BrickWarriors Bracket Challenge produced some very interesting results. See the updated bracket below.The Philistine Helmet beating the Spartan Helmet? Crazy! The Skewer SMG over the Terrorizer MG?? Nuts!What will happen next?! Stay tuned...   

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Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week - Dragon Soldier by SpartanBricks

And you thought dragons were scary as simple reptiles. This Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week by SpartanBricks takes BrickWarriors recent Lizardman series of accessory pieces and adds an extra layer of detail to make the ultimate Dragon Soldier. Where to start? A dragon simply isn't one without Dragon Wings, a Dragon Tail, and a Dragonman Head. But then [...]

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Custom LEGO Accessory of the Week - Tribal Drum

This one goes out to all you musicians out there: this week's Custom LEGO Accessory of the Week is the Tribal Drum! Whether it's being beat to the tune of an enchantment to curse an enemy or as a drum solo to a Rush song, the Tribal Drum always sounds exactly on point. Coming in a [...]

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Get the Limited Edition Crossbowman T-Shirt

And since it's finally spring (despite the snow), it's time to break out your t-shirts again...or even better, buy a new one! We just released a brand new limited edition Crossbowman T-shirt today, so that you can add some BrickWarriors awesomeness to your wardrobe!Get the New T-Shirt HERE

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Custom Lego Weapon of the Week - Scythian Bow

It's time for some target practice! This week's featured custom Lego weapon, the Scythian Bow, is perfect for the woodsmen and hunter minifigs in your life. Gather your friends, throw on your custom Lego Ranger Helm and find a brave soul to balance an apple on his head. They've done this before, right?

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Lego MOC of the Week - Pike Men by AC Pin

This week's featured Lego MOC depicts Lego men ready to do battle. Pike Men is by Flickr user AC Pin. The MOC displays an eclectic collection of BrickWarriors pieces. There are black and pearl gold Philistine Helmets and Lobster Armor. There are purple Scutums and Pavise Shields. And the two Lego minifigs in the middle [...]

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