Custom LEGO Minifigures of the Week - Lion Guard by Moqi Woqi


These Lion Guard Knights combine royal garb with devastating arms for classic medieval combat. Armed with weaponsshields, and protective headgear, creator Moqi Woqi's Lion Guard minifigures will take on all comers, human or creature. The black knight to the left looks to be the muscle of the group, carrying a Flamberge sword and donning a Jousting Helmet complete with Jousting Plume. His buddy in the red on the right flank opts for a bit different method of combat, going with a short Pugio dagger and planning to parry with a Buckler Shield. Regardless, he's got the moneymaker protected with a Great Helm. Smart man. The blue Lion Guard at the center is either very strong or very foolish, probably both. He protects himself with nothing, only wielding two unspecified weapons. Hey, whatever works for ya!

Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week - Lion Guard by Moqi Woqi

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Custom LEGO Helmet Spotlight - Crusader Helm

Now that's a helmet! The Crusader Helm, a bucket-style helmet, offers 360 degree protection for all your religious warfare needs or otherwise. With reinforced nasal protection and a long neck guard to protect from decapitation, it also allows for a flat plume (like the Roman Plume) to be inserted in the top for that little bit of [...]

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Get Black Dragon Wings and More!

Evil goblins, dragons, and ogres are lurking about now that Halloween is just around the corner. And what better way to fight them off than with a taste of their own medicine! We just restocked the following new fantasy items just in time to defend your kingdoms: Plate Armor - blackDragon Wings - blackGoblin [...]

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Custom LEGO Weapon of the Week - Frag Grenade

Do you want a custom LEGO weapon that is going to blow your mind?? (Figuratively, of course.) The Frag Grenade is the weapon you are looking for. Pull the pin, toss, and wait for the big BOOM. It's very important you don't forget the "toss" step in this process though. Without the toss there will be a loss..........of [...]

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LEGO MOC of the Week - LEGO Jewelry by Tigger

This week's MOC of the week is pretty unique. Tigger, as he is known in the LEGO community has a LEGO jewelry collection. How has he collected this jewelry? He makes it himself, using real LEGO parts. And for the newest pieces in his collection he decided to use BrickWarriors accessories! Below we have just some [...]

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The Brick Connection - Best LEGO Sets Part IV

The Brick Connection – A novice Lego fan explores the great brick world of LEGOHello, my fellow LEGO fans! How are you? How’s life?Good? Great? Awesome!Today is the last blog about the BEST LEGO SETS EVER!!!If you haven’t been following along, I searched the internet looking for which LEGO sets are considered the best. I found [...]

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Custom LEGO Gun Highlight - Gangster SMG

Organized crime can be difficult. You have to be organized and you have to like crime. Not as easy as it sounds! But when you arm your organization with the Gangster SMG, your job's a little easier. This custom LEGO gun features a stick magazine and a foregrip, the sensible choice for any crime boss. Have some Frag [...]

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Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week - King Harald "Bluetooth" of Denmark by George Adamidis

I don't think King Harald had the current idea of bluetooth in mind when he earned his nickname but I'm certain he wasn't interested in such future technologies because this whole fighting and killing thing seems to have worked out well for him. This fearsome Viking warrior is presented to us by George Adamidis (also to be [...]

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Custom LEGO Armor Spotlight - Thrall Armor

Even indentured armies need proper equipment, at the right cost to their leaders. Made of leather (but really ABS plastic), the Thrall Armor is just the thing to marry costs with quantity. Not as expensive or time consuming as some other Metal Armors, but with a good compromise on strength and protection, this armor will dress your slave [...]

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Get the New Gas Mask!

Have your minifigures been itching to pull a bank job? I hate to break it to you...but they have. The evil little things! And the new accessories we just launched are the ones they've been waiting for: Gas MaskCombat PistolGangster SMGFrag GrenadePrepare for their bank heist HERE

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