Custom Lego Weapon of the Week - Hammerpick


You know when you're on your horse and your friend gets decapitated so you take out a trusty custom Lego weapon to seek malicious revenge on the minifig who did it? Well let the Hammerpick be that weapon!

It's weight and power allows your minifig to cause a lot of damage with just one swing. And even if the enemy is in armor, the sharp end can rip right through it.

Dress your Minifigure knights in Jousting Helmets, Horned Plate Armor, and Greaves. The other weapons featured below are the Gladiator Axe and Assassin Dagger. (The horse has a Deer Antler on its head.)


​Official Rules for @BrickWarriors Sweepstakes on Twitter

Official Rules for @BrickWarriors Sweepstakes on TwitterBy participating in any Sweepstakes during 2015 promoted by @BrickWarriors, you agree to these Official Rules, which are a contract, so read them carefully before participating. Without limitation, this contract includes indemnities to BrickWarriors and its employees from you and a limitation of your rights and remedies. The details and requirements for entry or participation [...]

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Lego MOC of the Week - Ogre Valentine by Leo Burns

This week's featured MOC was originally a submission in our Valentine MOC Fan Contest back in February. This entry did not win, but was a very close runner-up. It's romantic, funny, and has great detail. The creator Leo Burns submitted this entry on our Facebook page, which you can find here. Here is his caption [...]

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Greaves & Lots More Back in Stock!

We just restocked several popular items in steel! Grab them before they're gone again: GreavesDemon ShieldNauhe II SwordWar HookCrescent AxeLoop JavelinAssassin DaggerScimitarGet the steel restocks HERE

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Custom Lego Gun Highlight - Skewer SMG

Do you like futuristic guns that could be mistaken for rocking horses?? Then have we got the custom Lego gun for you! The Skewer SMG's rocking horse-like design comes from the pointy end that can act as a skewer-like weapon, should your minifigs run out of ammo. I'm pretty sure it's not for skewering food though.Prepare your [...]

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Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week - Raiden by Shilo Parker

MORTAL KOMBAT!!! This week's Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week is the Thunder God and Mortal Kombat series mainstay,  Raiden by Shilo Parker. One of the seven original playable characters of the popular early 90's fighting video game, Raiden's main abilities are teleportation and control of the elements, including throwing those lightning discs at unsuspecting enemies. Always [...]

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Custom LEGO Accessory of the Week - Galaxy Enforcer Helmet

All of the BrickWarriors employees used to partake in epic battles in Team Slayer on Lockout, and now you can give your minifigs the same treatment! With the Galaxy Enforcer Helmet, Galaxy Enforcer Armor, Grinder Shotgun, Time Bomb and Resistance Sniper, you'll find yourself checking the radar for enemies. Win the battle and head over to before the score limit [...]

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Custom Lego Weapon of the Week - Bear Trap

With this custom Lego weapon, your minifigs better watch where they're walking. One wrong step and....SNAP! The Bear Trap is great for hunting, but also great for booby trapping your enemies while you hide behind a bush. Just make sure your minifigs don't step into their own trap.The other items depicted in this photo are [...]

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Lego MOC of the Week - Spartan Army by Dennis Chang

Almost like a scene straight out of 300, this week's featured MOC depicts a menacing Spartan army, led by a guy with six pack abs. Holding their matching Spartan Shields and their pointed Sarissa Spears, these guys look ready to take on any army, even one more than ten times their size. Their leader, King Leonidasis perhaps, [...]

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Custom Lego Gun Highlight - Repeater Rifle

Whether your western minifigures are saving a damsel in distress or simply want to go hunting to get some food on the camp-fire, the Repeater Rifle is the perfect weapon.To carry more ammo, don’t forget to pick up a BrickWarriors Bandolier! And make your cowboy look legit with a Cowboy Hat and Bandana.

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