Holiday Gift Guide From A-Z: N is for New Book Release! Riddle of Regicide is Now Available!


That's right!  The epic new fantasy thriller by Ryan Hauge is now available in hardback and eBook formats.  Check it out on Amazon today!  The perfect gift for everyone this holiday season is a good read, and Riddle of Regicide is just that.  Action packed with crazy adventures, this story reads like you're the main character immersed in a video game.  So turn off your TV, grab a blanket, curl up on the couch, and hop into the fantastical world in Riddle of Regicide!  And don't forget to try to solve the riddle before it's too late!  Fun history lesson: Regicide - noun - the action of killing a king.

new thriller - riddle of regicide - by ryan hauge

Get Your Copy of Riddle of Regicide!

Riddle of Regicide, the new fantasy thriller by BrickWarriors founder, Ryan Hauge, is now available on Amazon! Exciting, funny, and clever, you won't want to skip this incredible read. This novel has twists and turns that will have you guessing until the very last line. The special launch price for the eBook [...]

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Holiday Gift Guide From A-Z: M is for the MOCs You Can Now Create!

There are so many amazing things you can build with Lego.  But sometimes you have an idea and Lego doesn't have the accessories you need.  That's where BrickWarriors comes in.  We try to tap into themes that Lego hasn't tapped into yet, as well as enhance themes they have.  We hope that combining our products with Lego will help you [...]

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Brickwarriors in History – Gladiators: Retiarius

Although the Colosseum was the most magnificent arena (and makes a fabulous Lego MOC), amphitheaters for gladiatorial games were built in over 200 cities across the Roman Empire, in areas such as what is modern day France, Spain, Tunisia, and Turkey.  The popularity of these games lasted for over 600 years.  So, you don’t need to build a full [...]

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Holiday Gift Guide From A-Z: L is for Limited Edition Minifigs

Right now we have a few limited edition minifigs available.  There is the awesome Berserker, a crazy warrior with a chilling war cry.  There are only 44 left!  And there is the Android, a hand painted minifig. There is only 1 of him left!  All of our limited edition minifigs will never be restocked.  Once they are gone they're gone [...]

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Holiday Gift Guide From A-Z: K is for Killer New Accessories!

Killer!  These accessories are a little random, but they're all awesome.  The new accessories for your Lego minifigures are: Spartan CapesHead WrapsReedPipesWe call them magician accessories.  And they're actually killer in the literal term as well.  Spartans were incredibly deadly.  Head wraps are commonly used by terrorists, who are clearly very dangerous.  And reed pipes can control you mind.  Fact!  So all [...]

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Get the New Spartan Cape!'s cold outside. Your Spartan minifigs need capes to keep them warm! We just released a brand new wonderfully random assortment of items: Spartan CapeHead WrapReed Pipes Let's call it a magician. Grab the new magician accessories HERE And don't forget - This month we're donating 5% of sales to [...]

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Custom Lego Minifigure of the Week - Falcon Paladin by Mark of Falworth

Super cool minifig, right?  Mark of Falworth does it again!  And this was his first time painting.  He's just amazing at everything!  The paint job is really good.  The custom Lego helmet and armor look great, and the paint looks especially good on the gladiator axe!  Also the picture itself, with the autumn leaves in the background plus [...]

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Desert Warriors - New Ninja Mask Revealed!

This mask was designed for ninjas to keep their identities hidden.  But it's also perfect as a head wrap for terrorists, or for anyone traveling through the desert that wants to keep the sand out of their eyes.  In this picture, the terrorist minifigures are all ready to do some damage while being well protected from [...]

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