Last Chance to get BrickWarriors in Time for Christmas!


It's not too late to place your order in time for the holidays!  The post office recommends all domestic packages be shipped by tomorrow in order to arrive in time for Christmas*. So, we guarantee that all orders we receive by midnight tonight will be shipped out by tomorrow. And according to USPS, that means they will arrive just in time for Christmas!

Finish your holiday shopping today HERE

*We cannot guarantee a delivery date in time for Christmas however, since our packages are in the hands of USPS. This is based on USPS's recommendations for first class and priority mail deliveries in the U.S.

brickwarriors in time for christmas

Check out the interview that ​Bricks of the Dead did with Us!

Check out the interview that Bricks of the Dead did with us!  Dave, from Bricks of the Dead, interviewed Ryan, the CEO of BrickWarriors.  Dave asked lots of great questions and Ryan gave him the inside scoop about all things BrickWarriors!  Check out the interview HERE.

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Get the Limited Edition Achates Minifigure

The new limited edition custom minifigure, Achates, is here! He doubles as a great hobbit, just in time for the release of The Hobbit movie. Very limited quantities of Achates were produced. Once he has sold out, he will not be restocked. He features: Custom Printed LEGO® HeadCustom Printed LEGO® Torso [...]

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Holiday Gift Guide From A-Z: Z is for Zest up Your Collection With the New Lizardman Accessories!

For the last day of the holiday gift guide, it seemed appropriate to end on the highest of notes...a new release!  That's right, we just released our lizardman accessories in a bunch of limited edition colors.  The following accessories are now available: Dragonman HeadLizardman ArmorWooden SpikesLizardman SwordLizardman ShieldGrab the new custom Lego Lizardman Accessories HERE.  We wish you and your families the [...]

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Get the New Lizardman Accessorie​s

We just released several brand new items just in time for the holidays! They're perfect for dragonmen or lizardmen alike! The following items are now available, plus they're in a wide variety of limited edition colors: Dragonman HeadLizardman ArmorWooden SpikesLizardman SwordLizardman ShieldGet the new lizardman accessories HERE

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Less Than 2 Hours Left to Use the 15% Off Coupon Code Hidden Inside the New Comic Book!

That's right, time is running out to save 15%!  Find the coupon code hidden inside Issue 3 of 22nd Century Men Force Team.  Laugh and save before the coupon code expires at midnight EST!  Get reading HERE.

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Holiday Gift Guide From A-Z: Y is for Yuletide Cheer with Gift Cards

Sometimes the perfect gift can be easy!  Really!   We have about 200 different accessories on our website, plus a board game, plus books, plus custom minifigs, and packs!  There's a whole lot to choose from.  So the best gift may just be a holiday gift card!  That way the people on your list can make sure they get the accessories that [...]

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Dragonman Crossbowman - New Dragon Head Revealed!

There's finally a dragon head to go with the wings and tail.  It's about time, right?!  Look at that magnificent creature!  He'll come in green, dark red, brown, pearl gold, and black to start out with!  So many options!

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Holiday Gift Guide From A-Z: X is for X-citing Gifts From BrickWarriors Publishing

So we do a lot of different things here at BrickWarriors.  First we came out with a board game, Chains to Champions, and now we came out with a line of books!  We won't stop making custom Lego accessories, of course, but we love surprising our fans with out of the box ideas.  Our books are out of our normal [...]

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Run! - New Custom Lego Shield Revealed!

This Minifigure should be running, but I understand why he can't stop looking behind him.  It's because of that beautiful new shield!  But it's super deadly looking, so he really should run!!!  This shield and more will be released this Friday.  Stay tuned to the BrickWarriors blog for more updates!

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