Custom LEGO Gun Highlight - Enhanced Warrior Rifle


We love going on and on about how amazing our custom LEGO guns are, but recently we've been letting our fans do the talking. This week's featured gun is the Enhanced Warrior Rifle.

Here is a 5-star review posted on our website by Christopher, titled "Traditional Warrior Weapon":

The modern assault rifle design - along with the great price for this piece- make it a great addition to any squad of infantry soldiers. I like the simple details, like the scope, stock, and mag lines. A more realistic piece than some of the other stockier sci-fi rifles available, this should be a standard in your collection.

Thanks Christopher! To build your own infantry soldier you will also need a Military HelmetBandolierBowie Knife, and maybe some Time Bombs

Enhanced Warrior Rifle

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Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week - Highwayman by Short and Plastic

We absolutely love this minifigure created by Short and Plastic on Tumblr (and wow, what a great username)! For those who don't know, like me until I Google searched it, a Highwayman is not a man who likes to drive on the highway. These were robbers who targeted travelers back in the 1600-1800s, sticking them up [...]

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Custom LEGO Helmet Spotlight - British Shako

When the enemy sees this fancy headgear over the crest of a hill, they'll be shake-o'ing in their shorts! Today we spotlight the British Shako (it's pronounced just like it looks: Shake-Oh). It's simply a tall, visored hat worn by the military, though not specifically to British troops as the name implies. Typically, it's adorned with [...]

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Get Steel Muscled Cuirass', Black Spartan Capes, & More!

Your Gladiator and Spartan minifigs need revamping for the new season! And they're in luck...we just restocked a ton of popular items. The following items are back in stock in steel: Muscled CuirassGladiator PauldronThe following items are back in stock in black: Spartan CapeCestusXiphosTrojan ShieldArm GuardsDervish BladeGrab the Spartan and Gladiator accessories HERE

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Custom LEGO Weapon of the Week - War Hook

The War Hook is a versatile custom LEGO weapon as can be seen from the fan reviews on our website.Someone named De gud lord Darkrage wrote about the War Hook's killing prowess:Reaches around shields. 10/10 best method for killing unsuspecting turtles.While Brock titled his review: "Perfect for Crop Harvest as well":I have been looking for a [...]

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The Brick Connection - Ninjago

The Brick Connection –A novice Lego fan explores the great brick world of LEGOHappy Fall, LEGO fans! Yes, the day that I have been talking about way too much is finally here! Granted, that doesn’t mean the weather automatically cools down, but where I live I have seen the light. (Or actually I guess I see that [...]

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LEGO MOC of the Week - On a Narrow Spit of Sand... by Mark of Falworth

It's been a little while since we last shared a Mark of Falworth creation for MOC of the week. Well the wait is over! For those who remember Mark's other work, he doesn't just build a scene, he creates a story. And it usually centers around the character, Mark of Tortuga. Mark is wearing a black Bicorn [...]

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Custom LEGO Gun Highlight - Suppressed Sniper

Sniper, no sniping! That was a Dora the Explorer reference for all you Dora fanboys! In this case though, we want the sniper sniping (totally a word). And the best custom LEGO gun to snipe with is the Suppressed Sniper. With a built in scope and silencer you can get your sniping done accurately and discreetly. Just [...]

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Custom LEGO Minifigure of the Week - Three Be We. by Mike

Check out this trio of stylish, deadly Rangers presented to us by Mike on Flickr. Utilizing a different ranged weapon each, these fellas look to hide out in the forest (presumably, based on their green and brown garb) and pick off unsuspecting enemies one arrow or bolt at a time. Who do you think has the highest body [...]

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Custom LEGO Armor Spotlight - Lorica Segmentata

A symbol of the Roman empire, this armor not only has a fun name, it has a great purpose. The Lorica Segmentata is a pretty literal armor name, meaning a segmented cuirass. As you can tell, it consists of multiple plates of armor, which are fastened together using leather. Best of all, it can be separated and [...]

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