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The Brick Connection A novice Lego fan explores the great brick world of LEGO

Happy Thursday LEGO fans!

Hope you’re having a good week.

I really enjoyed exploring LEGO Ideas the last few weeks. If you missed any of my posts, here they are:

Women of NASA LEGO Idea

LEGO Ideas: Supported, Reviewed, Produced

LEGO Ideas: Gathering Support

I could probably talk about LEGO Ideas every week with all the projects that are constantly being added, but that seems excessive. I do think I will come back to LEGO Ideas every so often to check on the projects I’ve supported and highlight other ones that I would like to see as real LEGO sets.

But for now, let’s move on…

There’s a crazy video out there I wanted to share. It was first posted about a month ago on a YouTube channel called WheresMyChallenge. On this channel, four guys from the UK do crazy, stupid stuff or “challenges” and put video of it on YouTube. It’s like the old TV show, Jackass, but for the internet.

The crazy, stupid thing they did for this video was run in their bare feet………on LEGO.

AAAAHHH! No! That sounds awful, right?

And they did it on a treadmill. Double awful! Treadmills are the worst!

It’s kind of hard to watch, but it’s also amusing. My least favorite part was when they were doing close-ups of their feet afterwards, not because of the little bit of blood, but because feet are gross. There should never be close-ups of feet.

Anyway, I think I’ve given you enough warning. Here it is:

Are you traumatized? What about the part where the dude was purposely slamming his feet down onto the LEGO…….????? What a masochist! Then again, I guess you’d have to be one to do these insane activities on a regular basis.

To each his own.

What else is going on in my LEGO world...

Minilife TV
is back releasing new episodes after an 11 month hiatus. If you missed it, I watched the first four seasons over the last year, reviewing each season as I went:

Season 1    Season 2

Season 3    Season 4

I believe the 11 month wait between the first episode of season 5 and the second episode was not actually planned that way. But it appears they are back on track because they are currently releasing new episodes every other Friday.

In the past I have binge-watched each season as I reviewed it, but that was because I was reviewing them a few years or so after they were originally released. (The first season debuted in 2012.) Now I think I might take advantage of being able to watch each episode separately from the others. Savor each one like a fine wine. Except I don’t like wine, so maybe more like a fine plate of cookies, fresh from the oven.

Once the season concludes, I will then do my full season recap for the blog. For anyone who hasn’t started watching, I highly recommend it.

In other news, I downloaded the LEGO Creator app for my phone. It’s supposed to help you create your own stop-motion videos, but with a maximum of 75 pictures. That may seem like a lot, but with stop-motion, I don't think 75 frames will get you very far. That’s fine with me, since I’m new to stop-motion and have the patience of a 10-year-old.

I’m going to start super simple. I do have some sets to put back together so maybe I’ll do some test videos while building those.

Speaking of those sets; I am talking about the LEGO Movie set and Rey’s Speeder set which I took apart to create my first MOC. Here is my blog about that:
Cori's First MOC

I liked my weird, inexplicable MOC, but as you can see/hear in this video, it’s kind of broken now... 

(Skip to 8:41 to see me show it off and then break it.)

I really want Rey’s Speeder back, so I'm excited to rebuild it. Plus, putting these sets back together will give me the chance to work on my LEGO building skills while working on my stop-motion skills. Win–Win!

Finally, I had totally forgotten about The Freemaker Adventures, a LEGO Star Wars animated series on Disney XD. I watched the first episode two months ago and mentioned it in the blog:
LEGO Animation Takeover

I finally watched episode 2 and I’m still really enjoying it. There are a lot of great nods to the films and appearances by characters we haven’t seen since the original trilogy. Plus, plenty of great LEGO humor.

I’m still not sure if this series will go past this first season, but episode 13, which I assume is the season finale, will air this Monday (August 29th) on Disney XD.

There are ways to watch the episodes legally online if you pay and it’s probably on demand for certain cable subscriptions. I definitely did not watch episode 2 on a YouTube channel that doesn’t have permission to upload the episode. Nope, I would never do that.

You didn’t get this link from me: The Freemaker Adventures Episode 2

And that is all of the interesting updates in my LEGO world right now. What LEGO-licious things are happening with you guys?

Have any of you tried using the LEGO Creator app?

Has anyone been watching The Freemaker Adventures?

What in the LEGO World is going on with you?? Let me know!

Until next time……….thank god it’s Thursday! (which means it’s almost Friday!) So have a great weekend!

*Compliments, general feedback, and constructive criticism are welcome. Any haters that are gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate can go step on some Lego with their bare feet.*

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